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Megra12 Watches: Grimm

Hello Lovely Readers! I am back! Or at least, I'm going to try to be back. The last few months have been busy...blah blah blah...packing, prepping, travelling, settling in a new city an ocean away from home...blah blah blah... going to do better with writing this time... blah blah blah... you know the drill, you're… Continue reading Megra12 Watches: Grimm

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What I’m Into: September 2013

I enjoy reading or watching people’s “what I’m into” posts (sometimes called monthly favourites). They’re fun ways to mention and discuss things that might not normally appear in a blog post. When I first decided to start up this blog, I knew I wanted to include a monthly post that fit this type. Since the… Continue reading What I’m Into: September 2013


A “New” Favourite TV Show?

Summer 2011 (or was it September?) previews started to appear on CTV for a new show. From the moment I saw part of the trailer (I don’t like watching commercials so I initially missed the first half), I was pretty sure it was a show I was going to want to watch. For the next… Continue reading A “New” Favourite TV Show?