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Weekly Pinterest Round-Up #3

Hello Lovely Readers! It's time for another Weekly Pinterest Round-up! Wait - you don't know what these are or how we managed to get to #3? Sorry, let me explain. Last year, during NaNoWriMo, I attempted to start a series where I showcased recent Pinterest finds. I got to #2 and then the series died… Continue reading Weekly Pinterest Round-Up #3


The Piano Guys in Concert Last week my parents and I went on an adventure to see The Piano Guys in concert. The concert was in Buffalo (nothing in my neck of the woods in South-Western Ontario this year) so the adventure consisted of crossing the border and venturing into unknown territory. In the dark. While it was raining.… Continue reading The Piano Guys in Concert

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Harvest Fest, Youth Band Auditions and a Bicycle Wipe out

The post that I had planned for Monday (which clearly did not get completed) was going to focus entirely on the Harvest Fest at Martin's Fruit Farm that I went to on Friday. But after my adventures Monday (which I'll get into later on), I decided to make this post a more general, here are… Continue reading Harvest Fest, Youth Band Auditions and a Bicycle Wipe out