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Harvest Fest, Youth Band Auditions and a Bicycle Wipe out

The post that I had planned for Monday (which clearly did not get completed) was going to focus entirely on the Harvest Fest at Martin's Fruit Farm that I went to on Friday. But after my adventures Monday (which I'll get into later on), I decided to make this post a more general, here are… Continue reading Harvest Fest, Youth Band Auditions and a Bicycle Wipe out

Library Day Fridays

Introducing: Library Day Friday

I am a reader. I have been for as long as I can remember. I have read good books, bad books and great books. I have a never-ending reading list and yet I continually re-read books. You know that person who trips over her feet because she’s trying to walk and read at the same… Continue reading Introducing: Library Day Friday


From Student to…

Last Tuesday, at just after 3:00 p.m., I stopped being a student. Convocation isn't for another month or two, but really that's just the ceremonial part. I have handed in my final paper and successfully defended it. My Masters of Arts, History is complete. This time there is no more school on the horizon. My future is stretched out, unknown, before me.