TwentyNine Outfits of the Day @29

I admit I’m not always the most fashionable of people, and often the most thought that goes into my choice of outfit is something like “which t-shirt will go with these jeans, and do I need a sweater?” But I do like putting together actual outfits, and sometimes I put some effort into the process. I would like to work on making conscious decisions about putting together outfits. Here is where you will find the “Outfits of the Day” I put together during ProjectTwentyNine. Now, there is a chance this list will not see much activity until I get home in November. This isn’t because I won’t be putting together outfits, but because it’s really difficult to get pictures of outfits when you don’t have a long mirror, or someone to take the picture. So we’ll see how that goes. If you are someone who creates “Outfits of the Day,” I’d love to see them, so send me a message in the comments.

Not quite sure what ProjectTwentyNine is? Head on over to this post right here for all the details.

  1. To Be Worn
  2. To Be Worn
  3. To Be Worn
  4. To Be Worn
  5. To Be Worn
  6. To Be Worn
  7. To Be Worn
  8. To Be Worn
  9. To Be Worn
  10. To Be Worn
  11. To Be Worn
  12. To Be Worn
  13. To Be Worn
  14. To Be Worn
  15. To Be Worn
  16. To Be Worn
  17. To Be Worn
  18. To Be Worn
  19. To Be Worn
  20. To Be Worn
  21. To Be Worn
  22. To Be Worn
  23. To Be Worn
  24. To Be Worn
  25. To Be Worn
  26. To Be Worn
  27. To Be Worn
  28. To Be Worn
  29. To Be Worn

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