TwentyNine Geeky Things @29

Here you will find the list of 29 Geeky Things I will do during ProjectTwentyNine. I wasn’t initially sure if I wanted to share this list with you before hand or as I completed items, but as you can see, I decided to share some of the ones that I’m currently thinking about. Like some of the other lists, this one is very much in flux, though there are some items that are less flexible (and I’ve marked them with a star). There are other entries that I am planning to do but will reveal as we go along. I would love to hear you suggestions for more ‘geeky things’ that I can do this year. Also – I reserve the right to say whether or not something is geeky. You may or may not agree with my decisions – and that is okay.

Not quite sure what ProjectTwentyNine is? Head on over to this post right here for all the details.

  1. The Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff – Completed July 12, 2015
  2. To be Revealed
  3. Eat Fish Fingers and Custard
  4. Free Comic Book Day 2016
  5. Attend a Convention (TBC)
  6. Completely Play Through 1 Video Game
  7. Go to a Board Game Cafe
  8. Wear a Bowtie – Tell people Bow Ties are cool
  9. Do a Puzzle
  10. To be Revealed
  11. Harry Potter Walking Tour, Edinburgh
  12. Drink Butter beer
  13. To be Determined
  14. Create a Superhero
  15. Play Video Games on 3 or more consoles/devices
  16. Create a Fantasy Character
  17. Have a TV Show/Mini movie Marathon in a Onesie
  18. Make A Vlog (more than one if possible)
  19. To be Revealed
  20. See the New Star Wars Movie in Theatres
  21. 29 Geeky Status Updates –> Spread the Geek (TBC)
  22. Have a Movie Marathon
  23. Build a Blanket Fort. Do Stuff in it.
  24. Have a Geeky Photo Shoot
  25. To be Revealed
  26. To be Revealed
  27. To Be Determined
  28. To Be Determined
  29. To Be Determined

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