Writing 101: The Red Maple Tree

Good evening! I've decided this evening to work on yesterday's writing 101 assignment which I didn't get a chance to look at yesterday. The assignment today was to write a particular scene (more on that in a moment) and the twist was to write it from three different perspectives. An idea for how the scene... Continue Reading →

I met this girl the other day

I can't tell you when I first saw her. I can't tell you where our paths crossed. All I know is I've gradually become aware of her presence. She begs to be acknowledged. She silently, but persistently, pleads for me to listen to her story; to tell her story. If you saw her on the... Continue Reading →

Free writing and my Favourite Songs

Hello my lovely readers! It is day 3 of Writing 101 and so far I haven't missed a single assignment. Yay! Celebrate the small victories. Today's assignment was to use 3 of your favourite songs as inspiration for the post. The twist was to set a time and write without stopping for that whole time.... Continue Reading →

And then I opened my eyes

One moment a small antique shop. The next moment... hurtling through space. Unbelievable? I know. And then I landed. Abruptly. Hard ground. Musty air. Tight space. Close air. I haven’t opened my eyes yet. I haven’t dared. But I have to know... Eyes open. Darkness. Anticlimactic. But wait. A doorknob. I reach out. Hesitate. Turn... Continue Reading →

Writing 101 and Free Writing

Hello my lovely readers. Long time no see! The last few months have been incredibly busy with work and a wedding (my sister's not mine) and other general life busyness. As a side effect to that my blog (and all writing) has been sadly neglected. But the itching in my fingers (and where ever else... Continue Reading →

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