One Month

It's been a month since I published a blog post. The last posts I wrote I was desperately trying to not fail NaNoBloPomo. Unfortunately, with 10 days left, I bailed on the month long writing challenge. A very busy weekend led to a couple missed posts which led to me dropping the project completely. And... Continue Reading →

Taking up a Challenge

I was so stuck on an idea for a blog post today that I seriously considered quitting Nablopomo. Yes, with only 12 out of the 30 posts left to write (definitely over half way done) I was going to let a lack of ideas stop me. Well, that's not entirely true. I have plenty of... Continue Reading →

November NerdBlock

So, today's post comes to you primarily in the form of a vlog (with this bit of an explanation of course). As I mention in the video, I signed up for something called NerdBlock about a week or so ago. I enjoy monthly subscription boxes and have been wanting to try out the American based... Continue Reading →

Christmas Craft and Gift Sale

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, today I had a Christmas Craft and Gift Sale with a group of other people (mostly from my church). There were people who sell from catalogue/house party companies such as Epicure, 31 Bags, Stampin' Up and Steeped Tea (that one would be me). There was a travel agent and... Continue Reading →

Austen Adaptations

What do you think of Jane Austen adaptations? There have been many over the years, and some that may not be technically adaptations but seem to bear a lot of similarities. Bridget Jones' Diary, Clueless, that episode where wishbone does Northanger Abbey, that episode when Wishbone does Pride and Prejudice... More recently of course there... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Faves #1

Okay, so I haven't really been on pinterest much these past couple weeks, but I thought I would open up my "Random Things I like" board and show you some of my favourite pins. Ideally I would like this post to be a "things I like on pinterest right now" but maybe eventually I'll work... Continue Reading →

Retail Who

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts, as of the end of October I am back working in retail. I work at a ladies clothing store. It's the same company and manager I've worked with in the past but a new location (which I am enjoying). One of my tasks today... Continue Reading →

Taking Applications?

I work in retail. I did ballet for 10 years. Some days I wish I could fire my feet and hire new ones. I mean seriously. Though my feet technically do everything in the job description: stand, walk, balance etc. They no longer do the job all that well and they¬†definitely do not work well... Continue Reading →

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