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Doctor Who Wednesdays #44

“Demons run when a good man goes to war

Night will fall and down the sun

When a god man goes to war.


Friendship dies and true love lies

Night will fall and the dark will rise

When a good man goes to war.


Demons run but count the cost

The battle’s won but the child is lost.”

Demons Run


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Wednesdays #44”

  1. I tried to leave a comment for this post already, but it deleted itself, so I’m going to try to rewrite it.

    Personally, I think this particular poem is very specifically about the episode. If you’re looking for something that describes the casualties of war the best, please look up “Where have all the Flowers Gone” by Pete Seeger. I think it’s a much better representation of what you’re trying to say.

    Is there a particular line of the poem that makes you feel like it’s about something other than the episode?

    1. Hi,

      I agree with you that this quote is just about this episode, and that there are other poems that better talk about war and the casualties of war. I was intending to use the poem, however, as a jumping off point for a different discussion. Because even though a poem is only about a specific episode that does not mean that you cannot use it to start talking about something else.

      Unfortunately, however, I only put bullet points and never went back to finish what I was going to say, so sorry about that, I’ve also removed the bullet points now since they were incomplete. I really do need to remember to check posts to make sure they’re finished before I schedule them 🙂

      The part that I was going to spring off from was the last line because I thought that it was a good imagery of other wars, especially those of the twentieth century, where many men who were essentially children went to fight, and though they returned, they had lost something of their previous life and childhood.


      1. That makes perfect sense, now that I know what you were trying to do LOL

        I suggest a new post, one dedicated to quotes you think would be good to start off the conversation that you want, then the rest of us can jump in with quotes we think are good representations of the same thing – that may be a good conversation starter…

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