ProjectTwentyNine: Weeks 10 and 11 Update | Cambridge, Movies and The Globe Theatre

Hello Lovely Readers! And welcome to my Weeks 10 and 11 Update. I have just entered into my last 7 weeks in London, and I admit that I am feeling a bit of a lull in motivation for working on Project Twenty Nine lists. And, even though I have read a bit, I have finished no books in the last two weeks… which is really pathetic considering how many books I have to read this year. But have no fear! I will persevere past this point, and reclaim my lost motivation. In the meantime, have a look see at what I have managed to accomplish in the last couple weeks.

1. Life Experiences/Adventures (#4)

  • Cambridge, England. As a partner trip to the Oxford adventure last weekend, I went with a group from Britbound to explore the rival: Cambridge. The day was absolutely beautiful, and made all the more beautiful from the knowledge that now that it is fall there may be a limited number of beautiful weekends left. Cambridge was also enjoyable, and the best part was when we went on a punting (boat) ride down the River Cam. Overall the Cambridge adventure was enjoyable, and there are some really beautiful views throughout the city. But can I tell you a secret? I think I preferred Oxford… shhhh… don’t tell Cambridge.

2. TV Shows (No completions)
I’ve kind of being watching a strange variety of shows the last couple of weeks, and I feel like I have not made a whole lot of progress on my lists, that being said looking back at my notes suggests that I did make a bit of headway.

  • New Watch: Gossip Girl. Okay, here’s the thing. This show is on my list, but I suspect it’s going to be one of the shows that I swap for something else, because I’m really not enjoying it. I don’t so much dislike it, as just not care. I’ve watched a few episodes of the first season, and I just can’t get into it. Unfortunately, I’m starting to read the max number of swap outs I’ve set for myself, so if I can tolerate a season or two this one might need to stay.
  • Dexter Season 2.
  • New Watch: Gotham. This show wasn’t on my list largely because I hadn’t even really come across it until recently, and it’s only going into the second season. I am really enjoying it though, and look forward to catching up and possibly even watching it while it’s airing. I know… shocker.
  • Bones. This show is not technically on my list, but I have a gap space that is intended to be taken up by a show that I re-watch frequently. It might end up being this show. We shall see.

3. Comic Books/Graphic Novels (#Not sure, I have to figure this out)

  • This week I’ve been reading an webcomic that I am really enjoying, called The Phoenix Requiem. I only started it this past weekend, but I look forward to reading more. I need to look into reading it on a device other than my laptop though, because it is not ideal.

4. Movies (#1)

  • Up!. So… I have a confession, dear readers. This was the first time I had seen Up. I know, I know, what kind of self-respecting Disney lover am I? Truthfully, I was kind of avoiding watching it, because I had heard that it was sad. And sometimes I’m a wimp. In the end I really enjoyed it, even though it made me cry… more than once.

5. Childhood Movies (#3, #4)

  • Thumbelina – I’m not going to get into it here, but I have determined that this is a weird movie. Even though I have it listed as one of my childhood movies, it wasn’t one of my favourites or one of the most watched, but my sister and I went through a phase where we watched it a bit. Watching it again as an adult though? It is seriously strange. With one great scene/song.
  • Angels in the Outfield – I actually had this movie planned for later in the year I think, but those Blue Jays are doing so well that I was in a baseball mood. I still really love this movie, and there are a lot of memorable funny parts. Also – young Joseph Gordon Levitt… enough said.

6. Video Games (#2)

  • The Sims 3 – The Sims 3 is not a new game for me, but it’s the type of game that I won’t play for months, and then I’ll marathon it for awhile, before getting bored with it again. This past weekend has been a marathon period… even though I’ve had other things that I wanted to work on.

7. Friend Outings (#1)

  • A play at The Globe Theatre. One of my friends from Canada was temporarily in London and, since I had not checked this off my London list yet, we decided to give it a go. And it was a fantastic experience (even though there was something of a post in front of our seats). We didn’t end up seeing a Shakespeare play, but the one we picked (Nell Gwynn), was a terrific choice, as it was funny and also gave a bit of an idea of how theatre worked back in the days when The Globe Theatre first existed.

8. Impulse Movies (#3, #4, #5, #6)
What can I say? It was a “watch all the movies that aren’t actually on your lists” kind of feeling for the last couple weeks.

  • The Backup Plan – I watched this movie on a whim because both of the other movies that I was hoping to watch had recently been removed from Netflix (don’t you just love when they do that). Because of that, I’m not sure if the reason I didn’t enjoy it was because I had become set on watching a certain movie. But I didn’t really enjoy it, and probably won’t ever watch it again. I didn’t find the characters or the story believable, and though it had funny moments, I just did not care about the couple’s relationship. Which is never great when you’re watching a RomCom.
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic – you know how I mentioned that I had myself set on watching a different movie in place of the previously mentioned movie? Well this is that movie. I ended up finding it elsewhere online, and it was so satisfying. Like satisfying a long held food craving, or scratching that hard to scratch spot.
  • The Emperor’s New Groove – I don’t really know why, but I have had this movie on the brain all summer. And I finally succumbed to the internal pressure and watched it (not really sure why I was resisting). And the verdict? All of the funny parts were just as funny, and there were a few funny parts that I had completely forgot about. Such a fun movie.
  • Clueless – here’s another one that I had not seen before, and watched as the result of a Netflix browse. I had recently become more interested in watching this movie when I learned that it is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma (not one of my favourite Austen reads, but I love the adaptation Emma Approved). As a RomCom it was okay, and as an adaptation it was not bad, though I would say that it did not even come close to doing the story justice. At least now I can say that I’ve watched this somewhat iconic nineties flick.

One final point, that has absolutely nothing to do with this week’s update… how ’bout those Blue Jays? I cannot believe that the year that the Jays make it to the Post Season, I am out of the country with limited access to games (not to mention the time difference complications…). Go Jays, Go!

I think that is all for this week. Join me next week. Same place. Same time.

Keep Smiling!


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