ProjectTwentyNine: Weeks 7 – 9 Update | Edinburgh, Oxford, and Television Shows

Hello Lovely Readers! And welcome to my Weeks 7, 8 and 9 update. Now, you’ve probably been wondering what where the update posts have been for the last week, and possibly even whether I am still working on my ProjectTwentyNine lists. Well, I am here today with an answer to both of those questions. First off, yes I am still working on my lists, I’ve just been a bit terrible about keeping track of what I’ve done throughout the week. This is related to me falling behind on my update posts. The first week I just completely forgot to write a post, and then last week I was away on the Monday and made the decision to just write a joint post this week. So, there’s the explanations – you may or may not see more joint posts throughout the rest of the year, so do not be alarmed!

1. Life Experiences/Adventures (#2 and #3)

  • Edinburgh, Scotland. The first weekend of September I went to Edinburgh, and I absolutely loved it! I also loved the glimpses I got of other parts of Scotland during the train journey, and it made me wish I had planned time to see more of Scotland before returning to Canada. As for Edinburgh itself, it was definitely one of my favourite cities so far, and I did not want to leave at the end of my trip. I will try to post a more complete post as to why I loved Edinburgh, and stay tuned for photos (either here or on my other blog). I also vlogged during this trip, and will hopefully get this posted within the next couple weeks.
  • Oxford, England. This past Saturday I went on a day trip to Oxford with a small group of fellow Britbounders, and it was pretty great. We went on a 2-hour walking tour with a fantastic guide who provided some fascinating history about the various colleges and the city some of which date back to the thirteenth century. After walking around this university town for the afternoon, I definitely was missing being a student.

2. Geeky Things (#2)

  • The Harry Potter Walking Tour – Edinburgh, Scotland. This was a really fun tour, and the guide was fantastic. I saw a couple of the cafes where Rowling worked on writing, and walked around the graveyard where she got many of the names for her characters – including McGonagall, Tom Riddle, and Peter Pettigrew. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I saw the grave of Tom Riddle and his son, Tom Riddle.

3. TV Shows (No Completions)
Though I watched a lot of shows this month (there were a couple weeks of really terrible weather at the end of August, which made for a number of TV watching days), I did not complete all of the allocated episodes of all the shows I had planned. That being said, I did add a couple of shows, so all in all I think it was a fairly successful month.

  • Friends. Not much to say here. I have finished the set number of episodes for this month, and I think that brought me to the end of Season 2, or just about anyways. I am hoping to write a bit more about the First and Second seasons in my new series, so that is all I will say for now.
  • Community. This is a new watch, and I am completely loving it. I finished the first season, and it leaves me wondering why I never watched it earlier. Definitely looking forward to watching more, though I have been warned that the second season takes a bit of a dip before picking up again in the third season.
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I watched the first 4 or 5 episodes of this, and though there are aspects of that I enjoy (can you say amazing opening credits score), I did not enjoy it enough to continue watching it. There were just a number of aspects of the story line that I did not like, and that I did not think were handle very well. This is the first show that I will officially be dropping from my list.
  • Buffy. I watched my allocated number of episodes for the month and them some (I was on a bit of a Buffy roll). I am really enjoying the show and the character development. I’m not going to go into this much further here, as I am hoping to start a new series to talk about the shows and movies I’m watching.
  • The Originals. This is not a show on my list, and I’m not really sure what made me start watching it, but I’m enjoying the story line and the take on the classic vampire and werewolf stories. This may be a show that I swap into my list. Apparently I’m on a vampire, and supernaturals kick.
  • Ghost Whisperer. This is another show not on my list, and unlike the previous one, this is a re-watch. I watched Ghost Whisperer while it was on television, and was so upset when it was cancelled after the fifth season. It seems likely that I will watch this to the end, and it will either be a substitute show or will get added to a list of impulse shows. I love the characters – Melinda especially – and the way that the show is tied together.

4. Children’s Reads (#4 and #5)

  • Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Though I am familiar with the story (yes, from the Disney version), I had never actually read the book. This is one that I listened to on audiobook, and the narrator was a bit distracting as he had a habit of pausing at the most awkward points. Overall, though, I enjoyed the story, and there were actually times I was shocked by the descriptions used of the pirates’ actions.
    Genre: Children’s Literature Verdict: Take it or leave it. Not my favourite children’s story.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snickett. Now, I have seen the movie, which covers stories from the first few books, but I still really enjoyed this book. I loved the writing style, and the way that the author would give the definitions of unfamiliar and big words by incorporating them into the story. It was a really unique way of introducing new vocabulary. At some point, I will try to read the rest of this series.
    Genre: Children’s Fiction. Verdict: Recommended.

7. Impulse Reads (#4)

  • A Nation Worth Ranting About by Rick Mercer. I really enjoyed this book, which is a collection of some of Rick Mercer’s rants along with more detailed explanations of some of them. I really enjoyed the writing style, and the topics covered. It was definitely nice to read a book about Canada, and Canadian problems, while being far from home.
    Genre: Non-Fiction. Verdict: Recommended.

21. Impulse Movies (#2)

  • Star Trek (2009). This is a re-watch, and one that I have re-watched a number of times. I really do love the Star Trek re-boot, though I admit that I have not watched much of the original series. I especially love sassy Spock, and sarcastic Bones. Bones is without a doubt my favourite character.

One more update before I sign off for the week. You may have noticed that I have not been posting my photo challenge updates… this is because I have not been doing all that great at staying on top of this. Technically that means that I’ve failed the challenge, but I’m going to continue taking photos and do my best to take pictures as close to everyday as possible.

I think that is all for this week. Join me next week. Same place. Same time.

Keep Smiling!


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