Doctor Who Wednesdays #22

Sycorax Leader: Who exactly are you?

The Doctor: Well, that’s the question.

Sycorax Leader: I demand to know who you are!

The Doctor: I don’t know! See that’s the thing. I’m the Doctor. But beyond that I just don’t know. I literally do not know who I am. It’s all untested. Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy? Right old misery? Life and soul? Right-handed, left-handed? A gambler, a fighter, a coward, a traitor, a liar, a nervous wreck? I mean judging by the evidence I’ve certainly got a gob. notices the glowing orb. And how am I going to react when I see this? A great big threatening button. A great big threatening button which must not be pressed under any circumstances, am I right? Let me guess. It’s some sort of control matrix, hm? Hold on, what’s feeding it? And what have we got here? Blood? tastes it. Yep, definitely blood. Human blood. A positive. With just a dash of iron. But that means… blood control! Blood control! Aw! I haven’t seen blood control for years! You’re controlling all the A positives. Which leaves us with a great big stinking problem. Because I really don’t know who I am. I don’t know when to stop. So if I see a great big threatening button which should never ever ever be pressed, I just want to do this— pushes button

— Tenth Doctor, The Christmas Invasion

Hello Lovely Readers! Can you believe it’s already June? I definitely can’t… where have the months gone? As you have no doubt already noticed, another month brings us up to another Doctor. Strangely enough I have been having a difficult time finding quotes for the Tenth Doctor, mostly because I didn’t plan very well at the start of the year and have already used some of my favourites in earlier months. But I am confident I will succeed, because I know there were many quotes I loved from Ten.

This week I decided to go with another quote from Ten’s first episode. This is also a quote that I think does a good job of describing the change in the Doctor. It was very important that the writers get this regeneration right, as it was the first regeneration of the new series, and by extension, the first regeneration new viewers had witnessed. I thought this quote, in typical Ten humourous fashion, did a great job of reminding everyone that he was still The Doctor, still essentially the same man, while also being different due to the change in face. And this Doctor is going to be one who just can’t resist a Big Red Button.

Keep Smiling!


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