Doctor Who Wednesdays. #14

The Doctor: Right then. I’ll be off. Unless, ah, I don’t know, you could come with me. This box isn’t just a London Hoppa, you know. It goes anywhere in the Universe, free of charge.
Mickey: Don’t! He’s an alien! He’s a thing!
The Doctor: He’s not invited. What d’you think? You could stay here, fill your life with work and food and sleep or you could go… anywhere.
Rose: Is it always this dangerous?
The Doctor: Yeah.
Rose: Yeah, I can’t. I’ve, um, I’ve gotta go and find my mom. And someone’s gotta look after this stupid lump, so…
The Doctor: Okay. See ya ’round. {he leaves in the TARDIS}
Rose: Come on, let’s go. Come on.
The Doctor reappearing moments later: By the way, did I mention it also travels in time?
{Rose Runs to the TARDIS}”

— The Ninth Doctor, Rose

It’s been 10 years since this episode first aired. 10 years since a new generation was introduced to Doctor Who (and many others were happily reunited). Christopher Eccleston played the 9th Doctor and had to convince new viewers and old viewers that they should come on an adventure through time and space. And in my opinion, he did a Fantastic Job.

If I wasn’t already convinced by this point that I wanted to watch more episodes, the moment when he came back and said that last line clinched it. I’m pretty sure I would have done exactly as Rose did. Run into the TARDIS. And in a way I did, because I kept watching.

Happy (belated) Birthday Doctor Who!


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