Doctor Who Wednesdays #7

“I am not a good man! I’m not a bad man. I’m not a hero. I’m definitely not a president, and no, I am not an officer. You know who I am? I… am… an idiot. With a box and a screwdriver. Passing through. Helping out. Learning. I don’t need an army. I never have. Because I’ve got them, always them, because love is not an emotion; love is a promise, and he will never hurt her… You didn’t notice, did you? While you were doing all your silly orders, while you were showing off, the one soldier not obeying?”

— 12th Doctor, Death in Heaven

**Spoiler Alert**

The important part of this quote comes towards the end. But you need to know a little something to fully understand the impact of the quote. You see, one of the characters had been turned into a Cyberman. And Cybermen are “upgraded” to have all emotions removed. They are no longer themselves, and they are to obey the head Cyberman. And the head Cyberman wanted the other Cybermen to threaten and perhaps kill The Doctor and another character. But one of the Cybermen loved that other character. He loved her a lot.

Now, the Cybercontroller thought that they had everything covered because Cyberlover had his emotions erased. But the Cybercontroller was wrong. Because, as the Doctor said, love is not an emotion. It is a promise. And before that Cyberman was “upgraded,” he promised that other character that he would protect her. And he didn’t forget that when he became a Cyberman. He remembered. And that promise made all the difference.

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  1. There have been several times where the upgraded, emotionless Cybermen have been hacked by personal moral standards, human emotions, and even simple promises.
    1. In the episode you just mentioned: Danny didn’t follow orders, and neither did the Brigadier. Both were upgraded, both stuck by their promises and morals.
    2. In “The Next Doctor”, a woman was forcing orphans to work for the Cybermen and was promised power. With her, they created the Cyber-King, capable of knowing all, seeing all, and controlling all. The Doctor spoke to her and her emotions came forward and she severed the connection to the Cyberman army, thus defeating the foe.
    3. The same thing happened when the Cybermen attacked London in an earlier episode. The head of the company was “upgraded”, but when she was told to move out of the way by a superior Cyberman, she said “for Queen and Country” and opened fire until she was killed.

    1. Such good points! I had actually forgotten about the “for Queen and Country” one for some reason. I love how they use the Cybermen to show how some things and some decisions go beyond emotion.

      1. It’s my opinion, ironically, that the cybermen show humanity at it’s best. Strip away all fear and doubt from a person, leave only people willing to work together to accomplish what they feel is the common-good, and not really change their morals or allegiances — in a lot of circles, that makes them a perfect human. Geez, isn’t that what we want/strive for in our soldiers?

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