Harry Potter Thursdays #3

“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil.”

— J.K. Rowling

Hufflepuff is not the most popular Hogwarts House. As a House they don’t tend to stand out. They don’t bring with them the courage and bravado of Gryffindor. They don’t have the “bad boy” quality that draws people to Slytherin. They don’t have the reputation for smarts that makes Ravenclaw stand out. You could say they drew the short stick when it came to house popularity.

I have to admit, I have been guilty of underestimating the importance of this House. It does not help that one of the main Hufflepuff characters we’re introduced to in the books is not depicted to full potential in the movies. Yes, I am talking about Cedric Diggory (though Tonks could also fit this category). Now, the Goblet of Fire does an okay job of showing the good qualities of Cedric. The movie shows him helping Harry, and insisting that they take the cup together at the end of the maze. Overall, not bad. But I think the audience suffers from not being introduce to Cedric in the right way. Remember if you will, the Quidditch match in Book 3 where the Dementors visit caused Harry to lose control of his broom. Gryffindor lost this match. They lost to Hufflepuff.

Now, Quidditch matches between Hufflepuff and pretty much anyone else tend to be unmemorable because they don’t really excel at the sport. But this match should be memorable and not just for the fact that Harry almost died. Again. It should be memorable for the actions of the Hufflepuff team captain and seeker. The seeker who caught the Snitch before realizing that Harry was in distress. The seeker who suggested they replay the match because he felt bad for the circumstances in which they won (Oliver Wood declined this offer). Who was that team captain? You guessed it, Cedric Diggory. Yes, Cedric and Harry had their conflicts (did not help that they were both interested in the same Girl in book four), but Cedric demonstrated again, and again the Hufflepuff traits of justice and loyalty.

Something else that you should remember before looking down on those Hufflepuffs? They demonstrated their loyalty during the battle of Hogwarts when they had the second highest number of students stay to defend the school. The highest number being Gryffindor.

They may not be known for their bravery or their smarts but they have a “stick with it” attitude, they won’t back down and they won’t turn against their friends. Oh, and don’t forget, they can still have the qualities of any of the other houses. It’s just your primary traits that decide where you’re sorted.

Keep Smiling!



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