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Weekly Pinterest Round-Up #3

Hello Lovely Readers! It's time for another Weekly Pinterest Round-up! Wait - you don't know what these are or how we managed to get to #3? Sorry, let me explain. Last year, during NaNoWriMo, I attempted to start a series where I showcased recent Pinterest finds. I got to #2 and then the series died… Continue reading Weekly Pinterest Round-Up #3

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Megra12 Watches: Grimm

Hello Lovely Readers! I am back! Or at least, I'm going to try to be back. The last few months have been busy...blah blah blah...packing, prepping, travelling, settling in a new city an ocean away from home...blah blah blah... going to do better with writing this time... blah blah blah... you know the drill, you're… Continue reading Megra12 Watches: Grimm