Dear Spring…

Dear Spring,

The days grow longer, the nights grow shorter, and still you don’t return. My calendar says you were scheduled to return a week ago, and yet I have heard nothing to indicate your imminent arrival. I have heard the occasional murmurs and rumours that guess at your return date, but none have thus far proven true.

There have been a few days recently that mirrored your temperament and I thought for sure you had finally returned. But alas, it was just your cousin winter showing his kinder side. That cousin of yours does torment me so! You of all people know that I generally enjoy the company of Winter and I anticipate his arrival each year despite knowing his propensity to overstay his welcome. But this year has proven especially difficult. Winter has been bitter and harsh and unrelenting. Snow and cold are to be expected during his stay (this is Canada after all), but really, did everything have to be so extreme this year? I know some years winter hangs around for awhile after your return, could you maybe talk some sense into him? Convince him to take a long vacation and not return until he is willing to play a little bit nicer?

But enough about that unrelenting tyrant. The end of March approaches quickly and I long to feel you in the air. I yearn for the day when your warmth will return to the sky. With each breath I dream about the day when I will be treated to the scents that announce your presence – tulips, grass and rain soaked earth – if I close my eyes I can almost remember.

My dearest Spring, if you haven’t already gathered as much from this letter I will speak plainly. I miss you. Please come back soon.

Yours Forever,


Let me know what you are most looking forward to about spring in the comments below — Keep Smiling!

1 thought on “Dear Spring…”

  1. In Spring I look forward to my birthday, the freshness of the air, and the flowers. Pretty much everything because Spring is my favourite season!

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