Pinterest Roundup #2 – Disney

I really enjoyed yesterday’s post. I think I’ll try to include more creative writing/fiction posts in the future. I also can’t wait to get more into Tori Anderson’s story! Tonight, however, it is time for my second Pinterest round up. And since there has not been nearly enough Disney appreciation on this blog lately, I am going with a Disney theme. (Don’t forget to read the captions for my thoughts on the pins!)

Such a beautiful representation of Rapunzel!
Another artistic Disney piece. This time of Merida. Beautiful! I wish I had just a portion of this talent.
Not what you were expecting? Neither was I really, but it is Disney and I feel like Riley as the best sidekick ever deserves some appreciation.
Possibly one of the best hugs in any Disney movie Ever?
I know this one is super long – but it is so pretty. How many Disney movies can you identify?
It all started with a mouse.

And one more mickey post.

Mickey. A Self Portrait.
I can’t imagine a time when I will no longer enjoy a Disney movie

Keep Smiling!


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