Interests, NaBloPoMo 2013

Pinterest Faves #1

Okay, so I haven’t really been on pinterest much these past couple weeks, but I thought I would open up my “Random Things I like” board and show you some of my favourite pins. Ideally I would like this post to be a “things I like on pinterest right now” but maybe eventually I’ll work towards that. Maybe I’ll also do a “geeky pins I’m loving.” (Also feel free to come over and follow my boards on pinterest, then you can see all the things I pin. Be warned I go through spurts of heavy pinterest activity followed by spurts of next to nothing.)

So… from my “Random Things” board (in no particular order). <psssttt… see the captions on the pins for why I like them>

I have seriously felt like this a few times the last couple weeks.
Because villainous Disney women sitting around a table playing poker together that’s why. Your argument is invalid.
Would you be standing there waving if that many dinos were quickly approaching? I think not! Then again… maybe that guy is a dino trainer and he keeps dinos for pets like we keep dogs, cats and hamsters…
I live in a world of discoveries… my family calls it messy. I disagree (most of the time… not when I really need to ‘discover’ my car keys and can’t…)
Living in anticipation of the day I do a gravity check and gravity fails. I can’t wait to be the one that discovers the art of flying in this way. Because as we all know (or you would if you had read any Douglas Adams and you really should go do that) that flying is throwing yourself at the ground and missing.
The number of days when I think these types of thoughts. Sometimes I even feel that I would be more productive working in a blanket fort. I mean, you spend time creating your shelter/work space for the day, bring into it only the things you will need, add some comfy pillows and such to sit on, some cozy blankets, a pot of tea… mmmhh… on second thought, forget the productivity and just read a book or take a nap!

This was fun! As I was selecting pins, I skipped over so many others that I thought would work better on a “themed” board. So stay tuned for those. As always, I did not create any of these pins, to find the places I pinned them from click on the picture and (hopefully) it will direct you to the original source!

Keep Smiling!

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