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Retail Who

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts, as of the end of October I am back working in retail. I work at a ladies clothing store. It’s the same company and manager I’ve worked with in the past but a new location (which I am enjoying). One of my tasks today was dressing some mannequins. I had finished dressing three of the four mannequins on my to-do list and was nearing the end of my shift when I started in on the fourth mannequin. Now, the other mannequins came together alright but by the time I started the fourth, I was completely out of ideas (also it was the end of the day so I was getting tired).

This post isn’t really about dressing mannequins, but the setup is necessary for the story I am now about to tell. The story about the most amazing interaction I had in the store today (I would say interaction with a customer but that description doesn’t quite fit for reasons you will soon see).

So, I am in the middle of dressing a mannequin and it really is not going well when… up comes a young boy and his brother. Now, I had seen the two of them come in with their mother and the oldest had come right up to our front desk to ask if someone could help his mom pick out an adult, woman’s winter coat (his words not mine. As you will see, this kid new his stuff). I mostly forgot about them since another associate was helping with the coat search, but after awhile the oldest came over to see what I was doing, and apparently, chat. What did he want to talk about you may ask? Doctor Who.

Picture this. I am over to the side of the store dressing a mannequin and the boy comes over and asks “have you seen the episode of Doctor Who where the mannequins like that one come to life?” I kid you not, those were pretty much his exact words (give or take word order etc.) I responded, “Yes I have actually. ” Now, I’m pretty sure my response shocked him a bit (I wonder how many other store clerks he’s asked this question only to receive a “no” in response). After that we talked about the mannequins in the episode for a bit. Me: “Didn’t those mannequins have heads though?” Him: “Well…” Me: “Oh, I guess some didn’t.” Him: “No some did but some didn’t. There were different kinds. And what about when the one mannequin got it’s arm torn off?” Me:”And then later on tried to kill the Doctor?” Him: “Yeah that one. And then later her boyfriend turned into the living plastic.” Me: “Yeah Mickey.” Him: “Yeah, from a garbage can that had the arm in it.”

The Doctor Who related part of the conversation pretty much stopped at that point and we started talking about what I was doing. And, since I was having trouble putting together an outfit for the manni, he began offering suggestions. Now, you may be thinking that the suggestions of a 10 (or so) year old boy could not have been that great. In that you would be wrong. Other than the fact that I couldn’t do some of the things he suggested (didn’t work with the table etc.) he had some great ideas. The best was after I told him what I was trying to match the colours with and he said, “this outfit would look great with a green do up the front sweater but you don’t seem to have one in the right colour here.” Um…yes kid that is exactly what I was thinking before you came over.

I seriously wish I could have taken his (and his brothers) suggestions. Then I could have told everyone that two young boys helped put together the best outfit!

Altogether, the conversation was pretty much fantastic. Made my day.

Keep Smiling!

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