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What I Thought: Thor 2 – The Dark World

I came home from work last night, had a shower, got into my pj’s, had dinner, and settled in to have a comfy night on my computer. I thought I might watch Monsters University. Then I got a text message from a friend – did I want to go see Thor 2 at 9:30? I was torn. I was all ready to cozy up and have a relaxing night with a movie or a book. Maybe a cup of tea. But… I’ve been waiting for Thor 2 to come out pretty much ever since I saw the Avengers. I mean, seriously… Tom Hiddleston as Loki? Absolutely amazing. (Yes, I know the movie is about Thor and I do like the character, but Loki is such a great bad guy. I love it when a bad guy has complexity and multiple layers. And Hiddleston depicts that complexity so well.)

After a brief internal debate I decided that my “want to see the movie” factor outweighed my “already in my pj’s, comfy night” factor. So I got dressed and headed out to the theater. And what a great decision that turned out to be.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen the first Thor or not, but in my opinion it was good but not great. I watched it after I watched Avengers because I wanted to see more of the Loki story line. Thor 2 was great! In my opinion it was way better than the first one. I’ve only seen the first Thor twice (which, for me, is something of a statement considering I’ve seen the Avengers somewhere in the double digits). I can see Thor 2 become a movie on my “re-watch it multiple times” list. I even thought Thor was well done this time (though all the best lines went to Loki and he’s still my fave character). The primary bad guy (not Loki this time) played by Christopher Eccleston was also very well done.  I’m not going to say too much about the movie itself (plot wise etc) because I don’t want to give away anything, and this is more of a “my impressions” post than a review post.

So – overall impression? A Fantastic contribution to the Marvel franchise. A note – don’t forget to stay until the VERY end of the credits. This is a Marvel movie after all. There is a scene in the middle of the credits and then one at the end of the credits. Both are good. Stay in your seats people.

So, I’ve talked about my impressions about the movie, and told you about the end of the movie, the only thing remaining is a comment on the previews. You see, I have a friend (or two) who’s movie experience is determined in large part during the opening previews. If the the previews are disappointing that brings the whole experience down. I now always pay extra special attention to the quality of the previews. In this case I think they were so-so. I only really remember trailers for 4 movies (how many previews normally accompany a movie?): Captain America, Robo Cop, Need for Speed and X-Men. I wasn’t really thrilled by either the Need for Speed trailer or the Robo Cop trailer. I was pleasantly surprised by the Captain America trailer – I might actually go see it in theaters (I still have not seen the first Captain America). And even though I’ve already watched it a couple times on YouTube, the X-Men trailer made up for the mediocrity of the first two trailers. Have I told you yet that I’m a fan of the X-Men, Wolverine in particular? Yep, can’t wait until that movie comes out!

In case you haven’t see it yet, here’s the X-Men trailer.

Keep Smiling!

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