Interests, NaBloPoMo 2013

50th Anniversary Trailer!

After working all day I came home to an exciting surprise sitting in my YouTube subscription box – The Day of the Doctor Trailer!! I then realized that in 2 weeks I will get to watch a new Doctor Who episode! This will be the first time ever that I will be watching Doctor Who as it is released. I’ll still be watching it with something of a delay since I don’t get BBC America, but even with a delay I will be watching them without any pre-knowledge. I am super excited about this. I also know that it will be incredibly frustrating to only have access to one episode at a time. I have become accustomed to watching multiple episodes in one sitting (or at least having it as an option).

If you’ve read my previous posts about Doctor Who, you know my opinion about Matt Smith. I am still not ready for him to be leaving and this trailer reminds me that the day is coming for me to be sad to see him leave.

Keep Smiling!


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