Pinterest Roundup #2 – Disney

I really enjoyed yesterday's post. I think I'll try to include more creative writing/fiction posts in the future. I also can't wait to get more into Tori Anderson's story! Tonight, however, it is time for my second Pinterest round up. And since there has not been nearly enough Disney appreciation on this blog lately, I... Continue Reading →

Taking up a Challenge

I was so stuck on an idea for a blog post today that I seriously considered quitting Nablopomo. Yes, with only 12 out of the 30 posts left to write (definitely over half way done) I was going to let a lack of ideas stop me. Well, that's not entirely true. I have plenty of... Continue Reading →

November NerdBlock

So, today's post comes to you primarily in the form of a vlog (with this bit of an explanation of course). As I mention in the video, I signed up for something called NerdBlock about a week or so ago. I enjoy monthly subscription boxes and have been wanting to try out the American based... Continue Reading →

Christmas Craft and Gift Sale

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, today I had a Christmas Craft and Gift Sale with a group of other people (mostly from my church). There were people who sell from catalogue/house party companies such as Epicure, 31 Bags, Stampin' Up and Steeped Tea (that one would be me). There was a travel agent and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Sale Prep

I spent the day today prepping tea and other sale items for the craft/catalogue and other miscellany sale I am having with a few friends tomorrow. This is an idea of what these preparations looked like: After finishing up preparations and getting my things ready for church tomorrow I snuggled in to bed... only to... Continue Reading →

Austen Adaptations

What do you think of Jane Austen adaptations? There have been many over the years, and some that may not be technically adaptations but seem to bear a lot of similarities. Bridget Jones' Diary, Clueless, that episode where wishbone does Northanger Abbey, that episode when Wishbone does Pride and Prejudice... More recently of course there... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Faves #1

Okay, so I haven't really been on pinterest much these past couple weeks, but I thought I would open up my "Random Things I like" board and show you some of my favourite pins. Ideally I would like this post to be a "things I like on pinterest right now" but maybe eventually I'll work... Continue Reading →

Retail Who

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts, as of the end of October I am back working in retail. I work at a ladies clothing store. It's the same company and manager I've worked with in the past but a new location (which I am enjoying). One of my tasks today... Continue Reading →

Taking Applications?

I work in retail. I did ballet for 10 years. Some days I wish I could fire my feet and hire new ones. I mean seriously. Though my feet technically do everything in the job description: stand, walk, balance etc. They no longer do the job all that well and they¬†definitely do not work well... Continue Reading →

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