Doctor Who Series 7 – May contain Spoilers

Now I say “May Contain,” but there is a very good chance this post will contain spoilers. Probably nothing major (I’ll try not to give away major plot lines since I know a bunch of people I’m still trying to convince to watch the show that may read this). If you are allergic to Doctor Who Spoilers in any shape or form (even the little ones) you should probably avoid this post (sorry, I know how frustrating it is, I’ve been dealing with it all summer). <Also – the pics included in this post are all Pinterest finds>

I finished watching the seventh series last week (well, yesterday at the time of writing, but last week to all you lovely readers). If you read my post about catching up (here) you will see that I finished the series in less than a week start to finish. Yep, I put off watching it for months because I didn’t want it to end and then only managed to make it last a week once I started watching. I know that Series 7 has a lot of mixed reviews and there is a lot of negativity throughout the internet about various facets of where the show is going. So, that being said, I’m going to be right up front in saying that I enjoyed this series. Were there some story lines I didn’t love? Yes. Would I have like the series to include a few more episodes? Yes. But that is the case in pretty much every series I’ve watched so far (yes, I started at the 2005 reboot and haven’t gone back yet, doesn’t mean I’m not qualified to comment on whether I liked it). So, without further ado, here are some (not even close to all) of my thoughts.

Together or Not at All
Amy and Rory

1. The Ponds. I have always liked Amy and Rory as companions. There were some episodes throughout their storyline that I didn’t like and some things they did that just didn’t seem to fit their characters. But, overall, they’re probably among my favourite companions. At the end of Series 6 you are left with the impression that the Doctor is no longer going to see Amy and Rory but their storyline doesn’t truly end until about halfway through Series 7. As for the ending…wow. I mean, I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen to them (it is really hard to avoid spoilers when you lurk on pinterest and tumblr) but any pre-knowledge did not make the episode any easier to watch. I think the dramatic ending was necessary because they were never going to be able to gradually move to a point where they didn’t see him anymore. I guess it’s like tearing off a band-aid right – better to make it quick.


2. The Doctor doesn’t like endings. I guess this has been something common to Doctor Who and not specific to this season. You see throughout the years that The Doctor often just leaves companions without much warning because, seemingly, he always planned on returning. You get the impression (or at least I have though as I said earlier I haven’t seen any Doctor earlier than 9 yet) throughout that he doesn’t really do goodbye well. Even at the (almost) end of Nine, he makes his holographic self, break the news to Rose. That being said, I liked how it became a bigger part of the storyline in this season, with River saying many times “he doesn’t like endings,” to explain something to either Amy and Rory or Clara. I think it’s a sentiment that fits the show so well, and fits the feelings of the fans every time the Doctor changes, or a companion moves on. For a show built upon the premise of change, fans tend to not handle the individual endings all that well.


4. Clara. I like Clara. I would have liked to have more build up episodes with her before the series Finale changes and it drove me crazy not knowing what it was that made her “impossible,” but I liked her storyline. I don’t really understand why there is so much dislike of her character around the internet, but to each their own. I think her character is a lot of fun and I like how she sometimes she’s scared, and sometimes she’s bold and brave, and sometimes she’s sassy. I wouldn’t be upset if she was around for awhile, and I’d be very interested to see how her character interacts with the Twelfth Doctor next year.


3. Eleven/Matt Smith. I’ll be completely upfront here – I like Matt Smith as the Doctor. I like him a lot. It took me a couple episodes with Matt Smith before I completely warmed up to him (which is to be expected with a new actor) but once I was won over, I was won over completely. Nine was my first Doctor and I will be forever glad I started with him. I loved Ten and dreaded having to say goodbye to him. But… Eleven. I find him completely endearing. He can be goofy and funny and also brooding, sad and dark. Series 7 only confirmed my love for Eleven. I’ve heard him described as the “friend” and I think that’s a good description. Throughout the entire series, all I could think was how I’m not at all ready to see him go. As excited as I am about the changes Peter Capaldi will bring, saying goodbye to Matt Smith is not going to be fun times. <I was going to give more detail in this section but there would definitely be spoilers. Maybe another time.>

I found it surprisingly difficult to find a pin of River, that I liked, and didn’t contain spoilers.

4. River Song. I have never been completely sold on the River/Doctor storyline. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it. I’ve never really felt the level of relationship that is supposed to be there. I like River (for the most part) and I could accept the feelings on her part (especially in this season) but I never got past feeling like River/Doctor was a bit forced. I don’t know if more development would have helped or if it was just a storyline I was never going to love. Regardless of this indifference, I like where they went with River/Doctor at the end. I might not have bought everything about them, but they way the writers resolved it? Totally believable.

Look at that. I allude to spoilers here and there but overall, I think I avoided them (well, unless you didn’t know Matt Smith was leaving, in which case, I’m Sorry. I’m so sorry.) So, now that you’ve heard my rambling thoughts on why I enjoyed Series 7, what do you think? Did you enjoy the Series?

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