Catching up on Who

Just under a year ago (I think it was end of November/Beginning of December while I was writing papers) I started watching Doctor Who (finally). I had been planning on checking out the series for awhile but had just never gotten around to it. Then my friend and I got to talking and it turned out she was also planning on checking out the series (in large part because of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor). Part of my hesitation to start watching had been based on not knowing where to start. Do you start with the First Doctor ever? Do you start with the most current Doctor (that would have been Matt Smith) or someplace else entirely? Eventually, (mostly based on her experience talking to people) we both settled on the beginning of the reboot (in 2005 with the 9th Doctor) as the best place to start.
(From Pinterest) The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was my First Doctor.

She started before me, (and I’m pretty sure was already into or mostly through the 10th Doctor by the time I started the first episode of 9) but it wasn’t all that long before I followed. I started watching while I was working on papers for Grad school – probably not the wisest decision since I was immediately hooked, but what can you do? I sped through the first Series and then, since it was Christmas Time, picked up a box set of Series 1 through 6 at a phenomenal price so I could watch easier on my T.V.
(From Pinterest)

I spent the next Semester watching on and off depending on how much school work I had to do. I watched episodes both by myself, and with my friend during our frequent work on school stuffs and hangout sessions. Eventually I worked my way through 10 (so many feels!) and then, after a gap between seasons, started watching 11. It took me a little bit to get into Matt Smith as The Doctor but eventually I found I loved pretty much everything he brought to the role. And just when I was starting to get comfortable with the thought that Matt Smith might just be around forever (unrealistic expectations, I know), the announcement came. Series 8 will see our Raggedy Man regenerate and once again become a new version of himself. (I am super excited to see what Peter Capaldi brings to the role, by the way).

Anyways, after that long introduction/digression you’re probably wondering where exactly the “Catching Up” comes into play since it seems much of my catching up is already done. Somehow, however, what with finishing Grad school, doing Summer things, and job searching, I became stalled in my Doctor Who watching. I am currently hovering at the start of Series 7. I think that part of the problem is that I now know this will be Matt Smith’s last season (I had the same delay at the start of what I knew would be David Tennant’s last season). I mean, there will be two more episodes with him in it (the 50th Anniversary and then the Christmas special) but essentially this is it. I think that some part of me hopes that if I just don’t start the Series the Eleventh Doctor will never leave. (Ridiculous, I know, but there it is).

I can’t, however, find myself behind in the Series when the 50th Anniversary airs (considering how much time I’ve had to catch up, that would just be ridiculous). In theory, catching up on the Doctor between now and then (November 23rd) should be much easier than catching up on Once Upon a Time was; as there are only 15 episodes (including specials) and I have over a month to do it. That being said, it’s amazing how other things come up to delay watching a show so I must be diligent! I will let you know how I progress and what I’m thinking of the series. Geronimo!

Keep Smiling!

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”
— The Doctor, Season 6, Episode 6

“Amy Pond, there’s something you’d better understand about me ‘cause it’s important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man with a box!” 
— The Doctor, Season 5, Episode 1.

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”
— The Doctor, Season 5, Episode 13

(From Pinterest)

(P.S. all images included from Pinterest or other sites belong to their creators and not to me)

2 thoughts on “Catching up on Who”

  1. I really need to start watching again. Any series that can survive since I was young has to have something going for it. 🙂

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