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Harvest Fest, Youth Band Auditions and a Bicycle Wipe out

The post that I had planned for Monday (which clearly did not get completed) was going to focus entirely on the Harvest Fest at Martin’s Fruit Farm that I went to on Friday. But after my adventures Monday (which I’ll get into later on), I decided to make this post a more general, here are the everyday adventures I had over the last few days, kind of post.

Martin's Fruit Farm
Martin’s Fruit Farm

Friday morning my mom and I went to Martin’s Fruit Farm (not far from St. Jacob’s Market if you’re wondering) for their annual Harvest Fest (known in the past as Apple Fest). There were apple based treats to taste such as apple crisp, and apple coffee cake. There was hot and cold cider to drink (depending on your preference) and some fun activities and picture opportunities for the whole family. We went Friday morning, but I think there were specific activities for children planned for the Saturday. We bought some apples, a pumpkin, spaghetti squash (which I’ve never tried before) and, the most healthy thing of all, a candy apple!

Tasty apple treats
Tasty apple treats
Straw donkey and A buggy
Straw donkey and A buggy
Cute windmill
Cute windmill


Friday evenings during the school year, our church runs a Sr. High Youth Group, in which I am a leader. In addition to the typical youth leader things, I’m also involved in the tech stuff. This involves computer/projector things as well as sound board things. Last year I played mostly with the computer side of the tech booth, but this year I’m working on expanding my skills to include the band setup and sound board side. It’s lots of fun, and I love the sense of accomplishment when I solve a sound (often microphone) problem.

This past Saturday was the youth band orientation and audition day. And, since the other sound guy wasn’t sure he could be there the whole time and I was free during the afternoon, I attended to do sound stuff (I know, I know, I’ve used the very technical word ‘stuff’ way too much in this post. If you can think of a better word I’m all ears.) I’m so glad I was asked to help out. It’s great listening to all the talent the youth have! I also got to play with my sound balancing skills in an environment that wasn’t as tense as a Friday night (since it’s still new for me I’m always worried about messing everything up Friday nights). I’m really grateful I got to be involved in the process of getting the youth bands going this year.

Now, on to my Monday adventure (yes, this is the part of the title that refers to the Bicycle wipe out). I’ve been in something of a bike riding mood these last few days. I was hoping to go on a nice long bike ride Sunday afternoon and then they were calling for thunderstorms so I decided not to go. I ended up going on a short ride later in the evening because the thunderstorm didn’t actually arrive until much later in the day than predicted. But, I digress.

Sunday evening I discovered the existence of a series of bike trails in Waterloo (they Hydrocut trails) that somehow, I have never heard of even though I’ve lived in this area my whole life. I decided that, as long as the ground dried up in the next few days, I would check out these trails one day this week. <Megra12 note>The trail section of this story is kind of tangential but it connects in my head so it stays <End note>

Cue Monday. I decided Monday that I would ride my bike where I needed to go. It was close enough, and a nice day, so no need to drive. The first part of my ride involved a hill <this is important because I lowered my gear at this point>. Following the hill was a nice gradual decline on a road that can be busy but at this moment in time had no cars. So, since there were no cars I let myself coast a tad faster than I probably should have (but it felt so nice at the time!) Not long before the point where I had to turn, I decided I should start pedaling and slow down a bit. This is the point where everything went wrong. You see, I had forgotten to change the gears back after the hill. So there was not nearly enough tension in the pedals when I started up again. And my foot slipped. And since I was moving a tad quick, I lost control of the bike. And wiped out. Big time. I hit my chin, me glasses (so I have a bruised nose), my knee and my hands. And I sprained my ankle. Yep, fun times. The thing that annoyed me most at the time? Now I have to wait to check out those trails. <Don’t get me wrong, I was also annoyed at other things, such as those that involved pain and embarrassment>

So that was my adventure on Monday. And also the reason why there was no post on Monday.

Keep Smiling!

“One of the greatest myths in the world – & the phrase ‘greatest myths’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘big fat lies’ — is that troublesome things get less & less troublesome if you do them more & more. People say this myth when they are teaching children to ride bicycles, for instance, as though falling off a bicycle & skinning your knee is less troublesome the fourteenth time you do it than it is the first time. The truth is that troublesome things tend to remain troublesome no matter how many times you do them, & that you should avoid doing them unless they are absolutely urgent.” — Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator

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