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What I’m Into: September 2013

What I'm Into September 2013I enjoy reading or watching people’s “what I’m into” posts (sometimes called monthly favourites). They’re fun ways to mention and discuss things that might not normally appear in a blog post. When I first decided to start up this blog, I knew I wanted to include a monthly post that fit this type. Since the time I made this decision, a friend of mine wrote one that she linked in with another bloggers “link-up.” Though many people write this type of post as a series contained to their own blog/vlog, I thought it would be fun to join in with the link-up. So I will link-up my “Things I’m into” with Leigh Kramers’ What I’m Into series.

I started a lot of books this month and didn’t finish nearly as many but there were a few I finished and enjoyed. (Hopefully I can make this section a bit more thorough next month). Some of these will probably also appear in a Library Day Friday post to come so the comments are very brief.

The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in ship of her own making by Catherynne M. Valente – technically I didn’t finish this until October, but it was so close I decided to include it in this month.

Bones of faerie by Janni Lee Simner – I picked this book up after I saw the fourth one in the series on the new arrivals shelf at the library. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis – this is the first book in a trilogy. I wasn’t planning on starting it until October, but I just couldn’t wait. I really enjoyed it and I am excited to read the others.

J.K. Rowling Movie announcement – I know this doesn’t really fit in with books but since it’s going to be a Harry Potter type movie based on the text book from the series “Fantastical Beasts and where to find them,” I decided it could be included here.


Once Upon a Time – If you’ve been following my blog the last few weeks you know that I made a goal to catch up on the first and second seasons of this so I would be ready for the Premier. I didn’t quite make the goal but I’m all ready to start on the new season now.

The Mentalist – This isn’t a show that I just started watching. I think I’ve watched it pretty much since it started but I’ve been re-watching the old seasons this month and trying to catch up on ones I missed last year so I can understand what’s happening this season.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – I started watching this over the summer and finally finished last weekend. I really enjoyed it. The characters are great and there are so many quotable moments (which I really like).

New blogs/bloggers:

I have been reading a lot of blogs this month and I’ve started following a number of new writers. Here are a few that I’m really enjoying.

Sprinkle of Glitter


Leslie IRL

A Thrifty Mrs

Kristina Horner (I also really love her YouTube channel)


Here are some of the things I’m into that don’t really fit into any other categories or are “one off’s” this month.

Beauty and the Beast – Yes I mean the Disney movie. And no it’s not the first time I’ve seen the movie. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite Disney movie (technically it’s at the top of a list of favourites) and lately I’ve been in the mood to watch it.

Everything Apple and Pumpkin – I love how September always brings the first tastes of pumpkin (pumpkin chai lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin loaf) and lots of apple things (cider, apple crisp).

Hank Green music – You may know him as one half of the Vlogbrothers. He made two of his CDS available as a bundle recently so now I’m enjoying his music in my car and not just off YouTube. You can listen to an example of one of his songs here.

Dare To Dream - Little Mermaid Sephora Palette
Dare To Dream – Little Mermaid Sephora Palette

Little Mermaid Sephora Palette – I am a sucker for so many things Disney and one of the vloggers I like mentioned this makeup pallet in a video or two. Now, I’m rarely one who talks much about makeupy things, but the colours in this pallet are fantastic and they work with my skin tone really well. The colours all have really great names like “flotsam,” “your voice,” and “treasures untold.”

The Resistance (board Game) – I played this game (where you have to lie sometimes and figure out who’s a spy and who’s on your side) with a group of friends at the beginning of the month. It’s a board game but really it’s all about what you say and how you say it.

Got my hair cut pretty short the end of August
Got my hair cut pretty short the end of August

My new haircut – technically (I know, this is a word I’ve used a lot this month) I got my hair cut short at the end of August, but now that I’ve had it for awhile I can truly say that I love it. I mean, I really liked it when it was first done, but the fact that I still like it a month later says a lot. I think it’s a style I’ll keep for awhile. And really, who doesn’t love a style that is super easy to take care of?


What have you been enjoying this past month?

Keep Smiling!

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Into: September 2013”

  1. Yay, glad to see you’re playing along. I’m excited to check out your fiction recommendations (although I’m buried in PhD field reading right now, so they may have to wait til Christmas break 😦 )

    1. Hi! I haven’t watched The Legend of Korra yet, but it’s on my list of shows to watch in the next couple months. A few of my friends have already seen it and love it, so I’m looking forward to checking it out!

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