The Thing about Rainy Days

The ingredients for a lovely rainy day experience.
The ingredients for a lovely rainy day experience.

Rainy days can be a disappointment. They can cancel beach days, barbecues and other outdoor plans. They can keep people inside and hidden. They can make children (and, let’s be real here, some adults) hyper and restless. They can be grey, dreary, and sad. In stories rainy days often are used to set a certain mood – days where hopes for a romantic walk are dashed. Rainy days make the perfect setting for a funeral or some other somber event. I can’t even count the number of times a character makes a comment about how the weather seems “fitting.” Too much rain can cause destruction and loss.

But here’s the thing. A rainy day does not have to be a negative event. The coming of rain can signify hope and salvation if your setting is one of drought. A timely rain can halt the devastation of fire and bring renewal. Where fall and winter rains may be cold, sharp and angry; a spring or summer rain may be gentle and soothing. In a story, rain that falls after an intense battle or some other form of destruction, can symbolize a new beginning. The trouble is over and the rain will come and wipe away the traces. Rain can mean new beginnings, growth, and happiness.

Rainy days can be wonderful, cozy and relaxing. I woke up Saturday to one such rainy day. I think Saturday rainy days, with no plans and no agenda, may be one of the best kinds. You can wake up slowly to the sound of the rain outside the window, or on the skylight. I think rainy days practically beg to be reading days (though not quite as much as do cold, snowy days in late November). There is nothing quite like cuddling up in a comfy chair, wrapped in a blanket, with a hot cup of tea (or sometimes coffee or hot chocolate) and a good book. Sometimes I’ll put music on in the background, sometimes the sound of the rain is enough of a soundtrack.

This past Saturday I planned on spending a good part of the day cleaning and organizing my perpetually cluttered room and desk. Instead I spent the day reading (both books and blog posts). I also thought a bit about this blog, and some posts I’d like to try out in the future. I watched a bunch of book blogs, and put far too many books on reserve at the library. At first glance, my day contained very few adventures (until later in the evening when I went to babysit my neighbours 5 children, but that’s another story). But I think that adventures come in many shapes and sizes. An inside, rainy day, just provides the setting for a different type of adventure; one filled with hot drinks and imagination.

What about you? Can you find enjoyment in rainy days? What is your favourite rainy day activity?

Keep Smiling!

“For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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