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September Library Haul

September Library HaulSince I finished my Masters, I have been enjoying the freedom to read for recreation. In addition to being a student no longer, I am also currently unemployed. As a result of the combination of these two factors, I have been making frequent trips to my local library. Don’t get me wrong, I use visit the library regularly as it is, but over the last month or so my library card has received quite the workout.

Some of my library trips are brief. I request books online so that I only have to go in and check them out. (Huge time saver!) This time, after returning one huge stack of books, I let myself wander the stacks. I had no list and no reserves to pick up. It was one of those days where I just walked up and down the stacks to determine my reading choices. My wanderings still had some structure. I was in the mood for fantasy more than mystery, so I focused on those types of titles. Other than that, I selected books based on the title, the covers, and the synopses.

Rambling aside, here is my most recent library haul (with a couple others that I picked up the time before).

1. Wizards: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy, edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois. 

Right after I finished my major paper for my masters and while I was waiting for the defense date, I went on something of a Graphic Novel spree. While on that spree I was also really interested in reading something by Neil Gaiman. This book came up in a suggested reading list at some point during my online library browsing and I thought I’d check it out.

2. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making, Catherynne M. Valente; with illustrations by Ana Juan

I actually picked this one up because a YouTuber I follow recommended it. Unfortunately I can’t remember who recommended it but if I ever figure it out I will post an update.

3. The Emperor’s Knife, Mazarkis Williams

This one is full out fantasy. Different world. Knights and Princes. Assassinations. And a plague that consists of a geometric pattern that spreads across the skin and basically threatens the existence of the Empire. The cover reminded me of video games like Skyrim, or Assassins Creed.

4. The Restorer, Amanda Stevens.

I have to admit I picked this book up for reason only slightly related to the book itself. This is the first book in The Graveyard Queen series and I just read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and enjoyed the setting so the graveyard aspect drew me in. Also, the cover has a weeping angel statue on it, and I’m a Doctor Who fan.

5. Finding Camlann, Sean Pidgeon

This one is not directly fantasy, but it has to do with King Arthur. It looks like there’s an archaeological discovery that sends the main characters on a quest to find out more about the origins of the King Arthur stories. I really like this type of historical/mythical/archaeological quest stories, so that was a big draw for me. I think the library had this one faced out and the cover art was the first draw.

6. Hellbent, Cherie Priest

I was actually drawn to the Clockwork Century series by Cherie Priest but the first book was already checked out. So, I decided to try a different title to check out the author. This one has vampires, a “certifiably crazy sorceress,” a murder, and a quest for some relics. I find Vampire books can be hit and miss, so I’m a bit concerned about that aspect.

7. Bedtime Story, Robert J. Wiersema.

A young boy apparently starts reading a book that draws him in to the point where he is waking up in the story. A story which was apparently created to steal the hearts and souls of young children. Um…okay…interesting hook… we’ll see if it pans out into anything good.

Here's another picture so you can see all the Book Covers
Here’s another picture so you can see all the Book Covers

Hopefully in this list of books I’ll find a few that I really enjoy. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll all be good! I will try to review a couple of them over the next few weeks. Have you read any of these? Or is there one in particular you’d like me to review? Drop me a note in the comments!

Keep Smiling!

“Nothing is pleasanter to me than exploring in a library.”  — Walter Savage Landor

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